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Social Engineering Assessments

No matter how sophisticated the security system, it will always fall short when put to the test by someone with the best of intentions. Using social engineering, an attacker can take advantage of the most vulnerable point in any organization's defenses: its employees. Whether it's through phishing, smishing, vishing, whaling, direct engagement, or other pretext, a well-executed social engineering test can persuade your staff to divulge critical data in ways you never expected.

Guerrilla Insights aids organizations in planning and completing a full Social engineering Security assessment on their enterprise networks. As part of the evaluation we build up a Phishing and watering hole architecture inside the customer network and run tests on random users and record the response from users and the current Security Controls. We can learn a lot about the present state of security and our ability to protect against assaults like this thanks to the results of these tests.

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Aids organizations in assessing their social engineering preparedness.

Aids in evaluating the security awareness campaigns.

Workshop for preventing social engineering assaults.