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Cyber Security Incident Response

Today's security breach is more focused on data espionage, resulting in damage to an organization's reputation, legal concerns, and substantial financial losses. Contact the pros from Guerrilla Insights. We'll remove your malware on any device from personal to enterprise, in most cases we do this with minimal disruption to operational procedures. To keep such security breaches under control, it's essential to catch them early on and respond quickly to minimize damage.

Organizations may rely on the Guerrilla Insights Security Incident Response team to control and eliminate these security incidents. For a premium Guerrilla Insights can provide the collection of forensic evidence for use in court or contractual needs. We can consult on assisting firms in developing their own incident response and forensics programs with emergency response capabilities to quickly response when another incident surfaces.

Immediate containment measures to limit the impact.

Investigation of root cause and immediate remediation support.

Evidence preservation for legal and compliance requirements.