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    How to get more Hot Leads on your site

    How to get more Hot Leads on your site
    July 5, 2019 GuerrillaAdmin
    In Article

    How to get Hot Leads?

    The first thing you have to remember is that leads don’t pop out of thin air. You first need to build a website that even your adversaries are drawn to it like a moth to a bug zapper. This website MUST BE IMFORMATIVE!  And fast if takes over 5 secs to load on a mobile device say goodbye to decent amount of your traffic. Remember we’re human we would rather pay more to get faster something than save money to wait a little while longer especially if it a pool float the margins on those are outrageous!! But that conversation if for another dayJ! Back to hot leads your looking for your website must be clean user interface that is easy on the eyes. The easier to navigate the easier it is to get your clients down a series of pages or tasks that can help you better qualify them which is also called funnels.

    Second understanding Funnels are what takes a lead to hot lead.  A funnel can be moving from page to page or I can be measured through certain action like filing out a form.  But like the moth to the bug zapper I must be compelled to fill out that form, with that in mind you have to think like your consumer: “what’s in it for me?” what’s is in it for them? You cannot imagine someone openly giving away information for nothing in return. Trust me your customer knows what their data is worth?  So why don’t you offer them something better than a form that aggressively screams give me your email! You third have to consider when and where are they willing to give you there highly valued contact information. Just by simply offering them a coupon e-book or leads for signing up for your newsletter can them the incentive to giving your there information.  when should be as soon as your  visitors lands on your site you have a finite amount of time to impress them  so during that time take the to address there issue that they may be having in your mission statement and what you company does to address those issues people read those more than you think! Keep them at around 400 words no one wants to reads a novel nor should your about us be a link or a quote (those raise the scam flag!) The time you take to make you fine tuning spend on you mission statement shows in more ways than just words it shows that you care about your companies look.

    When and where to place contact forms is key. I found that contacts forms on your about us page gets used more than the one the form our contact us. Which tells us people would rather know who and why; does this person or company need my email then hand it out freely. “Build it and they will come” Is a load of BS you should take the quote as “Build it to impress and they will invite the rest” with that being said most of leads comes will from referral websites either through an Aggressive organic campaign or a PPC campaign or a combination of both. The placement is key by placing a contact form on the bottom and the top of each page with a different call to action will help you find you reach your diverse customers. You can do this by simply changing your call to action for example if your top page contact form has a question (ex: like what you see? Contact us) you will want your bottom of your page contact form call to action to be more like a statement. (Ex. You got this far! Contact us now). By practicing this you will be able address a diverse customer base, some customers respond differently to a different statements. But be cautious with you statement remember that it must be aggressive yet subtle, you basically want your leads to get the extra nudge to fill out the form do not push them or you will lose them. That where offering them an incentives come into play remember your customers know what their information is worth.  Extremely IMPORTANT: Place all your forms by relevant content that addresses your potential lead problems.

    In summary as long you do not spam you site with contact forms have relevant content that addresses your potential clients problems and you address how your company plans to fix the problems you seek to fix.  Place a contact form next to your relevant content. Offer something no wants to give up something for nothing! Each page should have multiple contact points with different call to actions to address your diverse client base. Remember to nudge not push with you statement. One thing more I wanted to add be humble: braggers can scare small business giving you the image that your services are out budget.




    Written By Brian Coulanges

    Authors Note: I am not a writer this is my first hopefully you find these informative and more will come to follow

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